PHOTO: Halldór Heiðar Bjarnason

FELTED WOOL PONCHO Needle and wet felted wool and yarn

FELTED WOOL found in the rétt

EARTHEN ARCHITECTURE samples of earth mixed with
horse dung and hay

FELT OVER FOAM wool and yarn needle and wet felted over wool

LZRgram Laser light scan of Viðgelmir cave

LZRgram Laser light scan of artist Matt Gee

FOLDABLE carbon fiber geodesic dome

Lítil Laut, Collapsible tent

carbon fiber rods, vinyl tubing, rivets, dacron, basting tape, Tyvek, Tefzel window, thermochromic

and photochromic pigment. 6 ft diameter, 2015

Lítil Laut is a tent that I designed based on a two-frequency geodesic dome. This prototype uses principles of tensegrity to allow it be folded into a small package for easy transportation. The printed tyvek cover has markings of thermochromic and photochromic pigment that cause it to change color based on temperature and ultraviolet light. When it is cold the markings turn black to absorb the sun’s heat and when the sun shines small patches turn magenta; like flowers blooming.


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